Catherine Aldred - Architectural Illustrator

Catherine Aldred BA (Hons) is an illustrator whose work focuses principally on capturing architectural detail in both urban contexts and landscaped settings.

Smithfield General Market - ink pen & watercolour - commissioned by SAVE Britain’s Heritage for a press campaign

Doorway, North Street, Leeds - Gocco print

Illustration commissioned by John Lewis for the opening of its new flagship store in Leeds, autumn 2016. Used on stakeholder invites and limited edition prints.

Balloon - ink pen & watercolour original used in print advertisement for Hurlingham The Bath Company

Gothic Temple, Stowe - ink pen - NAJ 65/66 'The Grenville Landscape of Wotton House'

Decorative teapots - ink pen & watercolour

Reading booth, Library, Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire - ink pen & watercolour

Geese - graphite pencil & watercolour

Gateway to Middle Temple Lane, City of London - ink pen and watercolour

"This is the Farmer...", The House That Jack Built - lithograph

Kirkgate Market, Leeds - ink pen & watercolour

Sphinx and Temple of Diana, West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire - ink pen - NAJ 49/50 'Gardens of Desire'

Illustration in Yorkshire Life magazine

Geese - lithograph

The Leasowes & Priory Pool from the canal embankment - ink pen - NAJ 53/54 'Arcadians Greens Rural - The Leasowes, Hagley, Enville & Little Sparta'

Boats on the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London - graphite pencil & watercolour

The Painted Garden, Summer - ink pen - NAJ 57/58 'The Georgian Landscape of Wentworth Castle'

Illustration in Yorkshire Life magazine

Poppy - ink pen - NAJ 67/68 'Painshill Park: The Pioneering Restoration'